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How to set the “CIMPLICITY HMI Service” to Run as an “Automatic (Delayed Start)” Service

A CIMPLICITY project can be started up automatically when a computer is first booted up by configuring the “Startup Actions” in the “CIMPLICITY Options “ program. When this functionality is enabled for a project, the “CIMPLICITY HMI Service” will be started by the Windows Service Control Manager as an automatic-start thread. Usually, the automatic startup of a CIMPLICITY project works without issues. However, sometimes the CIMPLICITY HMI Service will get started before one or more services that CIMPLICITY requires to be running before it starts (i.e. a service for an OPC A&E Server). In this situation, the CIMPLICITY HMI Service needs to be “delayed” to start in order to ensure that this other service(s) is started before CIMPLICITY is started. This can be done by changing the CIMPLICITY HMI Service to use the “Automatic (Delayed Start)” Startup Type for the service. By using Automatic (Delayed Start), the Windows Service Control Manager will not start the CIMPLICITY HMI Service until all of the automatic-start threads have finished starting. This will ensure that CIMPLICITY is not started until all the other services have finished starting and will allow CIMPLICITY to connect with and work properly with the services that need to be running before CIMPLICITY.

Primary Product Module : Installation
Primary Product Version : 8.2 and above

To configure the CIMPLICITY HMI Service to start using the “Automatic (Delayed Start), use the following procedure:
  1. Confirm the CIMPLICITY Options program has been configured to automatically start a CIMPLICITY project (Start->All Programs->Proficy HMI SCADA - CIMPLICITY X.XX->CIMPLICITY Options->Startup Options Tab).
  2. Close the CIMPLICITY Options program.
  3. Open the Control Panel and select “Administrative Tools>Services”.
  4. Double-click on the “CIMPLICITY HMI Service” to open the Properties window.
  5. Select “Automatic (Delayed Start)” from the “Startup type” drop-down box.
  6. Select “OK” to close the Properties Window.
  7. Re-boot the computer. When the computer re-boots, confirm that CIMPLICITY starts up and is working properly. Note that it will take longer for the project to start because it has to wait for all the other services to start first.