IC200UEM001 Does Not Respond to Modbus TCP Client.


After installing  Modbus TCP firmware to IC200UEM001, MODSCAN (or any other Modbus TCP client) cannot read from or write to the UEM001. 



In this case, IC200UEM001 runs as Modbus TCP Server. In order to respond to requests from a Modbus TCP Client, there are two items which can be checked through TELNET (see attachment)


1.Select Command 2, Attached Device must be set as Slave.

Serial Protocol must be set as Modbus/RTU. Besides these, other Serial Interface settings must match with the port settings in PME.

2. Select Command 4, Slave address must be set as fixed to match with the Station Address that is set in port settings in PME.

By default, the uem001 station address of the server is set to 1.  If the HMI client is not configured to see this address, there will be no communications.